Introducing Kruna—India’s first luxury safes


Exhibition Concept
Coffee Table Book
Collateral Design




Client Lead: Gazala Vahanvati
Content: Sharmila Cirvante




Godrej has been in the design and manufacturing space for over a century. During this time, the name has become synonymous with high-quality safes in India. Given that safes are looked at simply as a functional item, they have often been tucked away in cupboards, away from prying eyes. Godrej decided that it was time to shake things up. They introduced Kruna, a unique safe that didn’t look like a safe at all. Its subtle craftsmanship blends perfectly with interiors, ensuring that it never reveals its true purpose.

We were tasked with ensuring that all communication and design reflected the ethos of the product.


As a product, Kruna is a beautiful medley of a rich heritage and cutting-edge technology. We decided to design collaterals that appeal to an audience who desires pleasurable aesthetics and functional supremacy. We used top-notch printing techniques and high-quality black and copper ink for every design.

Every touchpoint was conceived and designed in a way to create conversations and evoke a sense of envy. We confidently labelled the product Masterpiece Safes.

Style and simplicity co-existed in all our designs. The intricate texture and design of the product was used as imagery for the coffee table book and poster. The imagery was perfectly complemented by crisp writing, high-quality paper stock and excellent printing. We ensured that the final look and feel was both premium and consistent.

The Kruna safe stood quite simply in the exhibition booth for demonstration. However, it was supported by a coffee table book that served as a brochure, narrating the origin of the product and providing readers with vital information.

The storytelling dictated the legacy, beauty and the first-mover advantage in the security business. The content was centred around the state-of-the-art technology and features of the product. Overall, we were able to bring the premium brand alive through our premium designs across various tactile touchpoints.