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The Softdel website was a dated ad hoc built platform—visually and structurally, over a period of time. The site architecture lacked robustness due to which the experience and speed were compromised. From an aesthetic point of view - the site did not reflect the persona of a cutting edge tech company. It lacked the aspirational 'cool' company look that was critical for attracting the young talent in the highly competitive IT space.

The brief was sharply defined, content rehashed and the visual slate absolutely clean.


The first task at hand was to study the content restructuring and its impact on the site map. Industry references and best practices followed next, to understand the semiotics of the IT space.

The brand's assets required an uplift as well to look more modern—specifically, the typography. Our team revamped the Softdel identity and evolved the visual library. After a few key pages were designed (high-level look) to define the UI components. Finally, the team got down to the screen by screen wire framing.

Once all were approved, skinning the wireframes(UI) and coding them in parallel ensured a linear and efficient execution method. QA testing and site optimisation was the final stage prior to taking the site live.

The Softdel identity was marginally but intelligently enhanced to ensure no equity was lost with the revamp. At the same time, the company looked all new with the refreshed assets. Simplifying the triangular symbol to reduce the clutter, a new modern wordmark type and brighter but mature hues—all together contributed to bring about the much required uplift.

The brand’s visual language evolved and primarily leveraged a variable typeface named Ubuntu. It looked tech as well had soft edges to convey the human touch and a custom designed ownable icon library.

The landing page experience was simple but ensured a clear delivery of Softdel’s premise. The animated illustrations supported the new positioning line. Crisp copy, colour cues, disciplined grids, stylish imagery and seamless but smart interactions, were deployed to make the experience impressive.

The digital services section had a total of 11 offerings which proved to be a challenge as how to showcase all of them but in an interesting and non-repetitive manner. An intuitive hover over experience brought it to life in an delightful way. It can be viewed on the homepage:

Softdel supports ‘buildings of the future’ with smart devices, versatile communications protocols, and next-gen applications. The key industries and the services it offers were important pages and were treated with composited imagery and custom illustrations. Interesting statistics and trivia as to why should one work with Softdel came to life via the number counters.

The entire site was set-up in a responsive fashion with a possibility open for custom coding, as required. The effort was to have a seamless experience across all devices.

Softdel Prime was the subscription model tab that had a monetisation plugin. The module was explained in a robust fashion and integrated seamlessly with payment gateway.

The entire project was an outcome of successful collaborations. The development team was onboarded right from the start. The intent was to have an experiential and engaging website without compromising on the functionality aspect. The key stakeholders at Softdel too were extremely supportive and proactively involved in every step of the journey.